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cute, smileless, heartless, violent...
...childhood destroyed, devoid of all childish ways.
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we see
Hello! You've reached Akito and Agito's message box! We can't answer the phone right now, but please leave a message here if you really want to get hold of us! We'll answer it as soon as possible...here...Agito...

[rustling cloth]

I'm not looking at this shitty thing right now. I'll reply if you're interesting and not trash!

Aug 22 11 - [video]
akito: sweetness
So, this probably sounds really weird, but I am really interested in meeting the other trolls! I realized the other day I'm pretty good friends with Tavros, but I don't know any of the rest of you, and I'm really curious.

So, why don't you guys say hi? I'm Akito, by the way, I'm human, from Japan, and I like shopping for clothes and listening to music!
akito: lost for words
Okaaay, something really weird was up. Akito had fallen asleep safely on the side of Ikki's bed, curled up beside him and watching him while he passed out, and now nothing was comfortable at all. It was like he was lying on the ground or something. All his muscles hurt from doing a lot of A-T and then sleeping on something not-so-comfy, and from his hand being jarred upward.



He opened his eye sleepily, peering around him confusedly. It was nighttime, and his hand was raised (and very asleep, ouch ouch) because it was attached to someone else's hand. Someone who had grey skin.

None of this was computing. Akito blinked upward at the shape of a pair of rather majestic bull horns silhouetted against the sky.

"Kintetsu...Bulls?" he mumbled, lifting a hand to rub at his eye, "Where am I? Was I kidnapped?"
we see

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